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How to install Wamp server in windows local machine.

Hello developers, in this article we will discuss about  how we can install  wamp server in our local is very easy to install it and free too.wamp is a open source and comes with 

The popular things like PHP,Mysql,Apache and helpful GUI (Graphical User Interface) Interface.WampServer is widely used by many web developers and designers to build and test websites and web applications before deploying them into to a live server.So let’s get started.

Step 1(Website link to download) :

Go to this website it may look like this:

Step 2 (Finding Exact Download Button):

Scroll down for a bit and you can the download button available for both x64 and x32 architextures.something like this:

Step 3 (Choosing preferred language):

After downloading the .exe file, double click the executable file and run the installer you will get a popup with select language screen and you can choose your favourite language to continue the installation process.

Choose your preferred language and you are ready to go follow the instructions and install it in your machine.if you don’t know how to exactly install it follow my steps:

Step 4(The Terms and conditions):

All the free or paid software they must have a terms and conditions or license agreement you must agree to it otherwise the installation won’t let you in.

Step 5 (The warning section):

Before proceeding with the installation of wamp server you must ensure that certain elements are installed on your system otherwise wampserver will not run on your local machine.The installation will take you to the above mentioned screen and it will remain you the warnings.

Step 6 (Selecting Destination Location):

All the windows users will have the drive or path to install all the programs,software games etc..Yeah your intention is correct that is called as C drive.Most of the people will install the software into it but it is not a major thing.You can install it where ever you want but keep in mind you wont delete or move the file after its got installed.once you finished thi step jump to the next step.

Step 7(The components and addons):

Wamp server comes with several versions of the major packages like PHP,Mysql database,MariaDB and more stuff.user can choose their own versions whatever they want and more customizable.In this case i am choosing MariaDB V10.10.2 and you can choose your own version.

Step 8 (The ready to install popup):

Once you have finished all the things you are ready to install the wamp server on your local machine.please make sure that your installation path and selected components are based on your necessary but the wamp will make all the things ready so you can select next without any fear.

Step 9 (Configuring your default browsers and editors):

By default wamp server uses microsoft edge as a default browser and notepad as a default editor but you can select your favourite browser and editor as your wish.


After your installation is done you can start your wamp server the shortcut will created automatically on desktop just double click and run the server it will activate all the frameworks like php,mysql database and mariaDB for you.

Hope this blog will help you to install wamp server on your PC/Laptop.please do follow us and more updates posted soon.


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